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Natural Charms of the Old World

Exploring the Natural Charms of the Old World

A touristic dip in the geological curiosities of Europe鈥檚 natural attractions Our current journey of exploratory adventures takes place on the exciting European continent, the Mediterranean surroundings and the Moroccan Sahara. The contemplation of the natural, historical and architectural charms of the Old World encourage the production of new illustrated texts that address ecotourism secrets, […]

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Fjords and rocky complexes of Norway

The monumental fjords and rocky complexes of Norway

The modern fjords was originated from the powerful glacial erosion of the Quaternary glaciers on crystalline rock complexes of the Paleozoic, providing the formation of sumptuous and exotic landscapes, such as those observed in Norway and its Fjords and rocky complexes. This text contains an illustrated synthesis of the interesting geological history of the “top […]

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