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Natural Charms of the Old World

Exploring the Natural Charms of the Old World

Natural Charms of the Old World

A touristic dip in the geological curiosities of Europe鈥檚 natural attractions

Our current journey of exploratory adventures takes place on the exciting European continent, the Mediterranean surroundings and the Moroccan Sahara. The contemplation of the natural, historical and architectural charms of the Old World encourage the production of new illustrated texts that address ecotourism secrets, geological and historical curiosities. 

Through the prism of scientific tourism, this journey has as main objectives the generation of authentic articles with images of landscapes for publication in our blog, to be briefly compiled in a didactic e-book, emphasizing geological diversity, conservation of natural resources and geotourism.

The starting point of the observations is the cultural capital of Flamenco – Sevilla, in the mystical region of Andalusia – Spain, epicenter of one of the traditional and longest itinerary of the esoteric Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Via la Plata.

This region, with its peculiar climate, is strategically close to: the Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar, the large orogenetic massifs and peaks – the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Atlas, the stunning Geoparks, as well as, near the Moroccan Sahara and Taberna Desert, and connection to the Arab world.

Natural Charms of the Old World

The main texts and articles, mixed with stimulating photographic fillings, will cover the following topics:

  • Spain – between castles, seas and mountains;聽
  • Life in the past times of the Avalon continent;
  • The formation of the Mediterranean Sea and interconnections with other seas;
  • Genesis of the great mountains: Alps, Carpathians and Atlas;
  • the sumptuous columns of Hercules of the Strait of Gibraltar;
  • The Sahara Desert: origin, characteristics and climate influences;
  • The tortuous and beautiful paths of the Moroccan Sahara;
  • the opening of the Red Sea and the closing of the Mediterranean;
  • The Black Sea Flood hypothesis;
  • Bosphorus Strait: link between worlds and seas;
  • The midnight sun in the land of a thousand lakes;
  • The monumental fjords and rocky complexes of Norway

The condensation of this project, develops step by step, according to the already started trips and geotouristic field insertions, in chronological order and contemplating the explendor of the annual changes of seasons.

Natural Charms of the Old World

Ricardo Borges

Economista, ge贸logo e m煤sico autodidata. Trabalha com publicidade e consultoria em marketing digital. Criador de conte煤do e pesquisador nas 谩reas de geoci锚ncias e astronomia.

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